What we do . . .

Case History 1 – Making Things Happen

It was a recent Thursday lunchtime when we received the call from an existing client. Some 48pp, perfect bound reports needed to be printed and delivered to a hotel in central Hong Kong the following Monday. The artwork was still being created and was eventually received by us at noon the following day, Friday. We supplied PDF proofs and received a quick approval; the reports were produced and then driven personally to one of our tried and tested courier services at Heathrow Airport. Come the Monday, we rang the client and were able to let them know that the reports had been not only been printed but safely delivered that morning – half way round the world over the weekend! How’s that for service?


Case History 2 – What goes around comes  . . .

In September 2013 the Government told Lloyds Bank to split off and rebrand part of their business because the big bad banks were too big to fail. Welcome back to the high street TSB formerly TSB Group and before that the Trustee Savings Bank. Going further back through time research tells us that this organisation was set up by the Reverend Dr. Henry Duncan of Ruthwell in Dumfriesshire for the poorest parishioner’s right back in 1810.

After the deregulation of the City of London (the Big Bang) by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1986 the then TSB Group was floated on the stock exchange. What they probably didn’t realise at the time was that there was then still a legal obligation to mail an Annual Report and Proxy to every shareholder – all 7.2-million of them! The directors of this business ‘cut their teeth’ on projects like this and many more besides, over the last 40-years or so.

Annual Reports are still a major part of the business but now with no legal obligation to mail them out and most shareholders preferring electronic copies the printing requirements of this kind of project are not what they once were, however the demands for outstanding print quality produced to demanding time schedules at competitive costs still apply. Some thing’s never change.


Case History 3 – Envelopes and Mailing fulfilment

What the client needed and how we met their requirements. Everybody likes to get involved with simple, large and perhaps more standard work. But they are often rather less inclined to get involved with the small and complicated campaigns.

One of our clients wanted to send out a 12-month mailing fulfilment campaign to distribute 150 packs every week of C4 outer and C5 return envelopes, along with a complex personalized letter/coupon for online or postal ordering and a gate-folded broadsheet booklet. Their Creative Director had specified a particular up market paper with foil blocking throughout.

Not only were we able to beat an alternative suppliers quote by several thousand pounds (by 46% in fact)! By the way the client loved the final product with the successful responses achieved and are still using this campaign today.


Case History 4 – Working in partnership with a client year after year

We have been working in partnership with many of our client for a number of years. This is really how we like to do business and become a valued supplier to our clients. They in turn become great customers and advocates for us.

It is now over 10-years since we sent out a mailing pack to photographers in the London area, offering a print production service for calendars, greetings cards and other printed products that could sell their images directly to the public. One of the responses to this mailing was from an enterprising photographer who operated from his front room and a market stall in the famous Greenwich Market, selling mainly at the time, black and white photographic prints to local residents and tourists, of images around the Greenwich area. We produced our first A3-calendar for them in 2006 and have recently produced the 2020 edition of the calendar which again, has ‘sold out’ like hot cakes, from his gallery and gift shop now located in Blackheath village.

His business has developed from a part time market stall to a prestige gallery in a prime location. The amazing images of London used in this document were all taken by Fergus and are used in recognition of this long term business relationship and to illustrate how we can work in partnership with our clients, to help them develop their business and in doing so allow us to grow our business as well.